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Turn your iPad into a useful meeting assistant, making it easy to organize presentations and engage participants.


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Everything you need to simplify setup and amplify engagement!

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Set up your meeting in seconds. No need for wires, adapters, or complicated configurations. Just add your presentation files, sync, and you're ready to engage.

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Presenters can lead the meeting with ease. Display slides, engage with participants, and manage attention effectively, making every meeting lively and interactive.

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Reduce waste and enhance security. Presentation Room eliminates the need for paper handouts and offers a secure platform to share confidential information.

Clearly Defined Roles for Smooth Meetings

Organizer to Streamline Coordination

Creates presentation groups by adding PDF files and assigning a presenter from the connected attendees. Can initiate voting, conduct a poll, or display the presentation on a big screen, offering flexibility and control over the meeting experience.

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Organizer UI

Participant for Seamless Involvement

Participants connect to the presentation group and automatically download documents for synchronized viewing. This ensures everyone in the meeting can easily follow along and stay engaged with the shared content.

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Participant UI

Presenter to Orchestrate Visual Attention

One participant, chosen as the Presenter, controls and displays the slides. With the ability to zoom, pan, point out details with a laser pointer, and use the flipchart feature, the Presenter ensures a dynamic and engaging presentation. All slides are simultaneously shown to all participants, keeping everyone on the same page throughout the meeting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Presentation Room is designed for a variety of users, including IT Support Specialists setting up conference rooms, CEOs conducting boardroom presentations, and HR professionals running training sessions.

Presentation Room is primarily designed for iPads and requires iOS 12.4 or later. It also runs on Mac computers equipped with Apple Silicon. As for setting up the server, you'll need a Mac running macOS 12 or later, and this can be either an Intel or Apple Silicon-based Mac.

While the demo version uses our cloud-based server to help you quickly familiarize yourself with the app, the full-functionality version doesn't require Internet access. You can operate entirely on your local network by setting up an on-premises server running on your Mac. This means you can use all the features without needing to connect to the Internet.

Security is a cornerstone of Presentation Room. We employ HTTPS protocol for secure data transfer, ensuring that all data transmitted is encrypted. If you're using our on-premises server solution, rest assured that all your data remains on your local network and is never transmitted to any third-party servers. Additionally, cached documents on participant devices are automatically removed after the presentation ends and all participants have left the session. For an extra layer of security, you can set up a private group where the Organizer controls participant access manually.

Deployment speed can vary depending on your specific requirements, but Presentation Room is designed for quick and simple implementation. Here's a general outline:
  1. Hardware Requirements: Ensure all devices meet the minimum system requirements. Most likely, they will if you're using relatively new iPads and Macs.
  2. Software Installation: Download the Presentation Room app on all necessary iPads and also install the server app on a designated Mac.
  3. Network Configuration: Make sure that your Wi-Fi network supports the Bonjour protocol. If not, you'll need to update your network settings or plan to use the QR code feature for initial connections.
  4. Initial Test: Conduct an initial test with a small group to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  5. Staff Training: Brief your staff on how to use Presentation Room. The intuitive design should make this process quick and straightforward.

Once everything is confirmed to be working as expected, you can roll it out across your organization. Typically, the whole process can be completed in a matter of hours to days, not weeks.